We just purchased and received our brand new InBody analyzer, the InBody 570!

Carr Cellular Fitness is excited to announce we have just purchased one of the most sophisticated body analyzers available, and the only one available in our area! The InBody 570 by BioSpace measures not only total body fat, lean body mass, segmental lean body mass, and intracellular and extracellular water, but this latest upgrade now directly measures visceral fat, which surrounds and invades our internal organs.  Unlike other body impedance analyzers, the InBody uses only impedance directly acquired from each subject rather than relying on empirical estimations based on the averages of statistical data. To see how this advanced technology can help you, contact Jason at Carr Cellular Fitness.

Cost: $20.00 per analysis


For comparison with other technologies for body analysis, click link to read article in Shape magazine.

Article in Shape Magazine