Why We Use Medical Grade Raw Materials

We take an integrative approach to optimizing our health and performance, appreciating  that our body systems all work together and are affected by the food we eat, the toxins we encounter and the stress we face. And, of course, the aging process. Appropriate supplementation plays a major role in the success of our patients and athletes.  The  purpose of this post is to outline some key factors in choosing which supplements you should use to optimize your health and performance as well as demonstrate the importance of using medical grade supplements.

The choice of  raw materials we use to formulate our supplements is based on their effectiveness to improve our patients health and optimize levels supported by appropriate lab testing.  Our  supplements are chosen based on their purity, proven efficacy, and the years of experience working with our manufacturers. The products we choose are formulated to be safe and effective in order to enhance  our patients’ health as well as performance for those wishing to reach a new goal or compete in athletics. 

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 ("DSHEA"), is a 1994 statute of United States Federal legislation which defines and regulates dietary supplements. Since it was enacted, this statute makes the supplement market mainly unregulated, without proof of effectiveness or safety needed to market a supplement, as well as dietary supplements being classified as foods instead of as drugs.

The British Medical Journal Medicine published a study on herbal supplements, showing that most  studied were of low quality, and up to a third did not contain the herb claimed at all.  Another  third of those studied contained unlisted substances.

In the US, the FDA estimates that 70% of the companies do not follow basic quality standards. In a recent 2013 study of Vitamin D by the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers  tested Vitamin D pills sold in stores found they contained from 9% to 140% of the doses listed on the labels.  Though none of the pills was likely to be dangerous, (in this case) some contained too little of the vitamin to effectively treat the deficiency.  

Our committed team of athletes, nutrition experts, and  medical doctor all play a role in researching companies to ensure our products are of the highest potency, using the best  US Pharmacopeia raw materials used whenever possible.  These materials are tested both in house by the manufacturer and using 3rd party validation.  Carr Cellular Fitness and Performance stands behind our Physician Certified seal to ensure the purity of high quality raw materials, label claims, and efficacy meet physician standards.