Hey you guys.  I've been posting a lot about performance supplements, heavy lifting, showing off some cool gymnastics stuff and oly lifts. Recently, I've started following a high volume CrossFit training program by Invictus. I am BEAT UP. While I'll continue to intake supplements and eat correctly to meet the demands I'm placing on my body at the cellular level for performance, I personally forget and recently haven't emphasized the importance on what we can take to reduce inflammation.  2 things; 


FISH OIL, a supplement we are all familiar with, and less commonly thought about is TURMERIC. Here are some key points in choosing which supplements to buy. First, you want to make sure your fish oil is molecularly distilled. This  removes toxins during the capsulation process. This is extremely important because if our fish oil contains toxins, it will be counterproductive in the reason we are taking it, to reduce inflammation. 2nd tip, we want our turmeric to be standardized to contain 95% Curcumin, less than this will not be sufficient to have benefits. 


A daily recommended dose for these 2 supplements are 850mg of EPA/600mg DHA fish oil and minimally 3,000mg of turmeric.


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