Johnny Bernstein at the 2015 Olympia Physique Showdown

Dear fitness enthusiasts, competitors and fans around the world,

Today, Thursday September 17, marks day one of Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance weekend of 2015, and local physique IFBB pro Johnny Bernstein was among the athletes checking in for competition last night. For those of you who don’t know, Joe Weider’s Olympia weekend is an international stage of competition which will host only elite athletes from a wide variety of sports from CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting, to bodybuilding, wrestling, martial arts and much more. This competition is held annually in Las Vegas, and you’re guaranteed to see top athletes from all around the world at this event. 

Johnny is originally from El Segundo, Calif., but has resided in La Quinta since 2005. He was a tri-sport athlete during high school, where he shined in football, baseball, and track. After high school, Johnny went to El Camino College to pursue his talents in football; it was then the young athlete learned his true passion was in the weight room.  

Johnny competed in his first physique show in 2013; his goal then was to have fun and perhaps showcase some of his hard work. Shortly after, Johnny says he “was bitten by the bug” and picked up again after a six month hiatus. Five months later, Johnny was an IFBB physique pro! 

Less than a year would go by before Johnny would win an Olympia qualifying show to make him eligible for this weekend’s prestigious competition. Johnny is 6’1 and competes at 185lbs. One thing that really distinguishes his success is his age. Johnny is the only 22 year old competing at the Olympia physique showdown. In this sport, muscle maturity is key, and it can take years to develop adequate muscle and symmetry to compete at this level. Johnny’s hard work, dedication and top notch coaching from Zero Gravity Fitness helps give him the edge to compete at a younger age, leaving him more years to build a name for himself in the sport. 

For those of you who don’t know Johnny personally, he takes his training very seriously, and the physique he reveals every time he’s on stage would suggest nothing less. Always growing, always after that perfect physique, Johnny attacks his weaknesses for every competition, and he impresses his fans, judges, and opponents during every competition. Carr Cellular Fitness is proud to support Johnny Bernstein this 2015 Olympia weekend, and we look forward to watching him compete. Pre-judging starts at 10:30am this Saturday. Good luck Johnny! 


Jason Carr

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