It is Jeff’s extensive educational expertise that makes him best suited for the job of Education Director for Carr Cellular Fitness.
— Dr. Carr

Jeff joins our team as Director of Education with 10 years as a school administrator and 17 years teaching Biotechnology, Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry and Biology. An avid runner and former Marine, Jeff recently completed the Marine Corps Half Marathon at Camp Lejeune. While serving in the Marines, Jeff received 10 Awards of Outstanding Physical Fitness.

Jeff graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Nova University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Educational Highlights:

 Jeff has taught DNA extraction, Gel Electrophoresis, Isolation and sequencing of microbial species. Last summer Jeff spent a month aboard the research vessel Kilo Moana analyzing the similarities between the ocean cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus and the mitochondrion that inhabits each of our seventy trillion cells. Jeff is currently working on his next book,  "Symbiont:The Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Program."  Look to see Jeff at future seminars!