DHEA 25mg - Adrenal Hormone of Youth

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DHEA 25mg - Adrenal Hormone of Youth

"If I was deserted on an island, and could only take one hormone for the rest of my life, it would be DHEA."
Dr. Carr
  • adrenal hormone and the most abundantly produced hormone in our youth (to age 25)
  • many important physiologic functions including :
    • immune function
    • mood
    • metabolism
    • libido
    • combats effects of the stress hormone, cortisol
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DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is the most abundantly produced hormone in our youth, peaking around age 25 in both men and women. Produced by the adrenal or "stress" glands, DHEA has many important physiologic functions including enhancing mood, the immune system, metabolism, increasing libido, and combating the effects of cortisol production. Dr. Carr also has seen significant improvements in some patients with DHEA deficiency who supplement with this very powerful and inexpensive hormone.

Considered by many to be an "anti-aging" hormone, DHEA is an important hormone that should be dosed based on blood levels. In females, DHEA is also a precursor hormone to testosterone, and responsible for up to 50% of a young women's testosterone. 

For the exercising athlete, DHEA supplementation should be considered and ideally blood-tested to determine the degree of deficiency. A very misunderstood and villainized hormone, DHEA is an extremely important hormone that needs to be optimized with advancing age, stress and vigourous exercise. Any athlete that suspects they are overtraining should have their DHEA level tested. Dr. Carr considers DHEA, as with Vitamin D, one of  the most important vitamin or supplement deficiency to identify and treat.

"If I were dropped on a deserted island, and could only receive 2 supplements or hormones, without a doubt one of them would be DHEA."          
 John D. Carr, M.D.